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Okku provides an online reservation system for schools and universities. This allows students to easily book a study spot. Students can quickly find and reserve an available desk or room which suits their needs. The best solution for a safe learning environment.

Our top features

QR-code check in

A QR code at the entrance lets students check in quickly and simply. Our smart QR code makes sure students can only check in from inside the building.

Active no-show analysis

The reservation system collects a lot of data. We funnel this data into actionable insights that help you reduce no-shows.

Personal ticket screen

Ask students to show their personal entrance ticket on their mobile phone. The ticket is automatically updated to show if a student is allowed in, is too early or needs to check in. It is clearly legible from a distance to preserve social distancing.

RFID card integration

You can link the reservation system to student RFID cards. This way students can check in with their regular student card.

Even more great stuff.

Customize your reservation policy

Study spots are often in high demand, especially during exam periods. Customize your reservation policy to allocate reservations in a fair way.

Flexible opening hours

Want special opening hours for weekends? Some rooms open longer than others? This can all be managed by a superuser.

Single sign on with student accounts

Use SURFconext or any other identity provider for students to make reservations. This way access to your systems follows the safeguards of your organisation.

Customizable follow-up actions

You determine which actions are automatically carried out when students are too late, do not show up at all, or are always on time. For example you can automatically cancel reservations, or reward students for being on time.

Different rules for different faculties

Do different faculties or different buildings have different rules for who can reserve at which times? No problem, this can be kept separate.

Reserve from a map

Allow students to pick a study spot from a floor map. This way students know exactly where to go and can find a spot that best fits their need.

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What our users say

“The map is very pleasant, it lets me find a spot that i like and not be disturbed by people passing by.”


Leiden University

“All round positive feedback from our organisation. A good and straightforward system. Fast response to questions. Willingness to think along with us.

Project lead

University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht

“Wow it looks fantastic, it’s clear and well thought out.”

Facility management employee

Delft University of Technology

Why choose Okku?

Okku has a proven track record with educational institutions. Every day thousands of study spots are reserved though our system. We can onboard institutions with tens of thousands of users and dozens of buildings, quickly and cost-effectively.

Our experience, your decisions

Every institution has its own practices, policies and facilities that influence how reservations should be made available to students. Our onboarding process includes a clear decision path and complementary advice on the consequences of each decision.

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