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Thousands of people use the Okku workplace booking system every day. Because our system is so easy to use, none of those users needed instructions or manuals. In order to become a successful hybrid working organization, building owners and facility managers have more to think about. Okku workplace booking system has got you covered. Here are some of our top features.

Quickly find a workplace or meeting room

Okku has developed a reservation system for both workplaces and workspaces. This system lets employees find an available desk or meeting room easily. And then book it so they have a guaranteed spot.

Actionable insight into your building use

Okku includes an extensive reporting tool. Out-of-the-box reports show how your building is being used in real-time. Historical data supports facility managers in their daily job. We can add custom reports for your organisation. For instance, with an integration with entrance control systems we can create a no-shows reports.

find a colleague

Find a colleague

Okku’s online reservation system helps you find colleagues quickly. Our list view or map view shows which desks your colleagues reserved. That way you can find a desk close by, so it is easy to work together. If you do not want to share this information in your organisation, we can of course disable the function for you.

single sign-on

Single sign-on

Already using a cloud service like Microsoft, Google or SURFconext? Re-use these services to log in to the Okku reservation system. This way you keep control over who gets access. Integrations with other identification systems are possible on request.

personally customisable

Customisable for your organisation

No organisation is the same, which is why we provide many reservation rules to choose from. The workplace booking system uses the rules you choose during the reservation process. If the rules do not work out, we can adjust them for you. That way you can maintain a fair and effective policy to distribute the available space.

digitalized map

Digitized maps

Send us a map or office plan and our mapping specialist will digitise it. No map? A manual sketch or escape plan will also do.

Even more great stuff.

Access control

Our reservation system integrates with access control systems such as Salto or AEOS. This way you can restrict access to a building to people with a workplace reservation.


Concerned about indoor climate and ventilation? We supply presence, desk and indoor climate sensors. The sensors we supply integrate with our reservation system. That way you can get better insight into your building.

Map- and list-view

Users can select workplaces on a map, or from a list. Convenient on any device.

Meeting room booking

Use the Okku reservations system to book rooms, desks or both. Optionally add sensors that release reservations if nobody shows up.


We provide a number of off-the-shelf integration options. If you have other needs, Okku has an API for you to create your own integration.

Outlook en Google calendar integration

Synchronize your room reservations with outlook or google calendar and combine the best of two worlds.

Multiple admin roles

The system has several roles that lets you decide what a user can see or manage.

Visitor registration

Okku allows you to reserve a seat for your visitors. The system also provides the ability to invite your guests to a meeting room.

Privacy and data security

You determine what you share with us and what users can see from each other. Furthermore, you determine how long we store your data.

Mix fixed and flexible workplaces

Enable fixed workplaces for key staff. Allow others to use the workplaces when those staff are absent. Or allow everyone to book all workplaces. Our reservation system lets you gradually move from fixed to flexible desks.


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