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Our Covid-19 support

Back to the office in four steps. Read how Okku supports your smooth transition to a safe workplace.

Companies are preparing to go back to the office again. Our reservation system helps you manage access to buildings while observing Covid-19 rules. Because people reserve desks they know exactly where to go and what to expect. You do not need a coordinator to direct them to their seats. You also know when and where to clean. We are happy to support your safe return to the office.

Define your policy

No organisation is the same. Which is why Okku’s reservation system has many reservation policies to choose from. For example educational institutions want to give all students the opportunity to study. So you can determine that students can only make a certain number of reservations per time unit. But companies for example will want to prevent employees travelling during rush hour. So you can set reservation time slots. You can also define groups to work in shifts. Or determine fixed places for certain employees. And determine how far in advance reservations can be made. The settings are easy to change, allowing you to change as circumstances dictate.


Decide which workplaces can be reserved

Once you have an overview of the available workplaces, you are ready for the next step. Which is to decide which places are available for reservation. You can change the system as your company gets comfortable with the new practices. The settings are flexible so that the system can grow as needed policy. For example, you start by opening twenty percent of the spots and expand later. You also have flexibility in the location of available places, so you can minimize crowds.


Number the desks

Okku’s reservation system gives you control over the workplaces in your buildings. We number and map desks like in a theatre or airplane. This way we assign a specific desk to someone who makes a reservation. Which helps with contact tracing if necessary. You provide floor plans and we create a map within a week.


Measure crowds

Okku specialises in the collection, storage and visualisation of data. We offer various sensors that can measure crowds. For example people counters, desk sensors, or room sensors. You can also use the data from the reservation system to get insight into the use of your property. This information lets you optimise cleaning schedules. And lets you see if your chosen policy is effective.

What else does Okku offer?

People counters

Okku’s people counter is a device that counts the number of Wi-Fi signals in a room. After establishing a baseline, this tells you how busy your building is. This information can be shown to employees through a web application. So they can find a quiet workplace.

Reservation system

With the Okku workplace booking system you can enable workplaces yourself. And disable workplaces to observe the necessary distance. By using time slots you can spread crowds throughout the day or schedule time for cleaning. You can also give special groups priority for places or assign fixed places.


Desk sensors help you clean your premises more effectively. Because you know which desks were used, you can pay extra attention to cleaning where it is most needed. The desk sensors also register cleaning activity, so you also get data on which desks were cleaned and which were skipped. This prevents the risk of the corona virus spreading.

Desk sensors

Desk sensors give you real-time insight into how busy your building is. This way your employees can see crowding on different floors or workplace clusters. Our desk sensors work seamlessly with our reservation system. We provide separate screens for customers that do not want to use a reservation system.

Minimise searching for free desks

It is undesirable for employees to walk around for long while looking for a safe and quiet workplace. After all, this increases the chance that infectious employees bump into other employees. Help your employees find a spot quickly. Use our reservation system and our various sensors.

Measure relative humidity

Humidity and ventilation influences the spread of the corona virus. Okku supplies sensors and a dashboard with which you can quickly see where ventilation and humidity exceeds set limits. This way you can quickly take action to improve the indoor climate.

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