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Smart Building

Our sensors provide insight into the use and climate of your building. They work seamlessly with our reservation system, making your building smarter.

Our sensors use their own network and have their own power supply. This makes installation simple. The sensors do not need existing IT or existing networks. Reports provide insight into the efficiency, sustainability and health of your building. This is how you turn your building into a smart building.
what do our sensors track

What do our sensors track?

Our sensors have a wide variety of applications. They can track the following:

– Temperature

– CO2

– Humidity

– Motion

– Light

All information is available in real time for the building managers and can be shared with users of the building in a visual report.
Our reports consist of three sections: Sustainability, Efficiency and health. For example which spaces are heated unnecessarily, or which rooms have an unacceptable CO2 level and need ventilation.

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Sensors and our online reservation system

Already using our reservation system or planning to do so? Then consider deploying our sensors. This makes the reservation system and reports easier to use and more accurate.
Our sensors anonymously track presence in your building. They do so by measuring movement and changes in CO2 levels.
This gives you insight into the actual use of your workplaces. Which you can compare with your plans and reservations by users.

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